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From maintaining a healthy lifestyle, to reaching for that next PR, or keeping your edge as a professional, your fitness plan is well understood. What about your recovery plan? A critical but often overlooked area is recovery. Without a recovery plan in place, you risk workout quality, increase frustration, and could eventually contribute to injury. We take a holistic approach to ensure you get what you need to succeed. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, we can help customize a recovery plan to complement your fitness plan. We’ve created an atmosphere geared toward all aspects of recovery both physical and mental. Our belief is this environment is just as important as the therapies we provide. Experience our leather recliners and smoothie bar to help relax your mind and return vital nutrients back to your body. Whether you just completed a rigorous workout or just want to chill at the bar, we accommodate everyone.


Each therapy has been selected to help reduce soreness, remove toxins, and aid in pain reduction. Choose one that is right for you. Need help choosing?  Just contact us!


Cupping is a form of soft tissue mobilization and is accomplished by applying individual suction cups to sore areas of the body to help reduce pain, inflammation, and speed up the recovery process.

$59 for 30 Min

$20 when added to 60 or 90 min massage

Cryotherapy - The Recovery Lounge


Utilizing Whole Body Cryotherapy, this three-minute treatment exposes your body to temperatures between -50° and -225°, based on your unique needs. Best for reducing joint and muscle pain while increasing endorphins.

$50 Per Session | $160 Per Month

Table Thai Stretch

Thai Stretch uses a series of rocking, stretching, and compression techniques designed to move your body into yoga like positions.

$129 for 60 Min
Available in prepaid packages for greater savings
The Recovery Lounge - Thai Stretch Therapy
compression therapy the recovery lounge


Featuring NormaTec®, compression technology mobilizes fluid by compressing limbs in stages.  This decreases muscle recovery time, reduces soreness, and decreases muscle tension and inflammation.  Use them on legs, hips, or shoulder.

$15 for 30 Min  |  $30 for 1 Hour
$60 Per Month

Massage Therapy

Specializing in myofascial release, deep tissue, reflexology, and Swedish relaxation methodologies.
$59 for 30 Min  |  $109 for 1 Hour
Available in prepaid packages for greater savings
The Recovery Lounge Massage Therapy
Ashiatsu Massage The Recovery Lounge

Ashiatsu Massage

Ashiatsu massage is a technique that uses the practitioners feet to provide pressure to the client’s body. This allows for receiving deep tissue work with greater results in a shorter amount of time and with less pain.
$199 for 90 Min
Available in prepaid packages for greater savings


Single Visit CRYO & Compression
30 MIN FOR $60 | 60 MIN FOR $70

Group Packages

A unique experience for your group
Want to host your next run group, student athlete recovery day, ladies night, or fundraiser at The Recovery Lounge? We would love to have you! Our Franklin location can hold up to 15 guests. Contact us today to see how we can best accommodate your needs.

and Influencer Program

Love our services and want to help share it to the world? We are looking for those that are passionate about recovery. If that is you, please fill out the form and return to: info@therecoverylounge.co

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The Recovery Lounge Team

Kenny Bailey The Recovery Lounge

Kenny Bailey


Kenny has been in the healthcare technology industry for close to 20 years bringing new, innovative wellness products to market for both Fortune 50 and start-ups. Kenny is also an avid endurance athlete, competing in Ironman, marathons, and cycling.  He has a passion for helping people achieve their goals…..and carbon fiber.

Alison Seaton The Recovery Lounge

Alison Seaton

Head of Therapeutic Services

Alison has been in the health and wellness industry for 20+ years. She started her career working with workman’s comp patients alongside a Chiropractor and Acupuncturist using Neuromuscular Therapy and Trigger Point Release to rehab upper extremity disorders. She found Pilates in 2002, and Yoga in 2005 which led to a totally different career. Her passions reside in body work and fitness. She is so excited to bring Thai Stretching, massage and a little bit of yoga to The Recovery Lounge.
laura the recovery lounge

Laura Stendel

Board Certified
Massage Therapist

Laura has been in the health and wellness industry since 2005. She specializes in massage therapy, reflexology, and a handful of spa-like upgrades to enhance your rest day, best day experience. Laura made her way to Franklin, TN after living in Las Vegas for 12 years where she was a licensed massage therapist and a spa manager. She was also the owner of Casino’ssage, INC, a highly sought after mobile chair massage company servicing casino floors, poker rooms, pools and daylife, and special events. Outside of work she enjoys practicing yoga, reading, floating on the river, and volunteering in the community.
Adam Bailey The Recovery Lounge

Adam Bailey


Adam has a passion and enthusiasm for helping people.  He is a recently graduated Page High School and served as supervisor of operations at LifeTime.  Adam is currently studying business.  Like the smoothies?  Make sure you thank him! 

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